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In the beginning…

So I decided today that I couldn’t put off starting this site for realsies any more. This here web-log be the culmination of a year and a half of me beginning to write seriously, mostly in my journal, but also in courses that I’ve taken.. This is going to be a place to bounce off whatever crazy ideas make their way into my head, and I don’t plan on staying focused exclusively on one topic or another. That said, I’m going to talk a bit about my background give a general idea – guidelines, not rules, mind – of the things I’m going to discuss here.

My given name is Eli Bildirici. (Pronunciation key: eh-LEE build-uh-rich-y, more or less) As a nineteen year-old crusader at the New York University (ever notice how adding ‘the’ before anything makes it that much more prestigious – or in my case, a false sense of prestige – ? THE MORE YOU KNOW) I have a tendency to feel compelled to cram in as many words as possible into one sentence while keeping meaning in relative ‘tact’, whatever that means (ooh dangling modifier blah blah blah). I have many and varied interests, in fact, some, including myself, have suggested that I have no “…real personality and am a just a simple, shallow product of Generation Why.” This is factually untrue, because Generation Why does not exist. That I am a simple and shallow product of something is yet to be determined.

In fairness though, there are some things that seem to pique my interest. I have developed a proclivity over the years for computers, and have decided to focus my studies at the New York University in that particular field, as well as in history, for if you don’t know where you’re going, how could you know where you’ve been…wait.

Most of my crusade-related work thus far has been on behalf of the world’s artists and consumers, via the Free Culture Club at the New York University, who’s work for society is now tangible, but more recently I’ve traveled to “that Sodom and Gomorrah on the Missississip“, as Matt Groening infamously described it, to help the good people there a wee bit. The issues related to my crusades will be continuously harped upon; consider your precious self warned.

Speaking of harping: I am a music lover, having tried my hand at singing, humming, maraca-shaking, piano-playing, and guitar-strumming, though I still have a ways to go in all of those noble and most worthy endeavors.

The masses would peg me ‘Orthodox Jew’, and so, will only eat food blessed by rabbis and have a guilt complex and overbearing mother and am offended when people convert purely for the jokes (insert whatever other stereotypical garbage you may have heard here; I am immune at this point and so no longer have an exhaustive list memorized). I am apt to go on rants about the rights and wrongs of my religion and the religious communities that I identify with; again, dear reader, ye have been warned.

Currently, I am a registered Democrat and have donated to Democratic party interests both time (a brief stint working in the D.C. office of Congressman Anthony D. Weiner, D-NY-9 and DCCC phone banks there) and money ($5 to get one of those damn people with the clipboards who roam the streets of New York with impunity out of my ridiculously long and curly hair). Despite this, I am not beholden to any of their ideology; the follies of political orthodoxy were laid bare to me long ago by George Orwell**.) Expect long rants against the policies and politics of both parties.

That said, I am also a racist, I mean, a Zionist (the two terms sometimes get confused, even by those who we assume have attained higher-order-thinking-skills, as Malka Kleinman would put it). Deal with it.

Finally, I have also developed a keen interest in the smoking of pipe-weed. (That one’s for you, Core). Predictably (or not? the world isn’t populated solely by ‘nerds’ – God I hate that word) I hold J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterwork “The Lord of the Rings” dear to my heart. I should hope that my other pop-culture interests have filtered down to you at this point; should this not be the case, you have no business being here.

If you, the reader, take away nothing from this raving jumble of pointless and largely irrelevant information, remember this:

I believe in G-d, but I also believe in The Force. May both be with you.

*This here initial blog-post made possible by Andy, who wouldn’t stop asking when I would finally start this damn thing, and who will probably guest-blog at some point in the very-near future.*

**George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, passed into the public domain in Australia in the year 1999. However, its’ copyright remains in force in the US and other parts of the ‘civilized’ world for far longer (in the US – until the year 2044). Big Brother isn’t watching you, but your conscience might bother you. Mine doesn’t, but I’ll leave that for another day… If so, just go to amazon or you local bookstore.**