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the proliferation of ponzi

Anybody else notice that since Uncle Bernie, the phrase “Ponzi scheme” has been used to describe a great many things, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with that sort of financial fraud?  It’s become a catch-all phrase for any sort of nefarious dealings, economically or otherwise. At this rate, the word will lose all meaning within the year. Shame…I rather liked it. (“Bernie” scheme doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?)



Two summers ago, this blog more or less petered out. I took a break from writing until around January 2008, after probably the most grueling semester of college I’ve ever had, thanks in large part to my assembly programing course.  As my reward for enduring the nightmare of having to create a sound-based video game in 16-bit Intel assembly, I headed to Florence,  and ended up buying a Moleskine notebook to use as a journal.  It was a great little thing, and I loved being able to write whatever I liked, whenever I liked, unadulterated, unedited, uncensored, with the knowledge that I was writing for an audience of one:  none other than myself and whomever I choose to show it to would ever read it.

But, all good things come to an end. I had the silly idea back in November to try to write down thoughts and criticisms about movies while I was watching them. I’d forgotten just how dark movie theaters are, and gave up on the experiment after about five minutes…but forgot to put the damn notebook in my back pocket! (Moleskines being diminutive enough to fit in one).  It lay there on my seat for a bit, I’d imagine, before making its’ way to the floor below. Getting up out of the theatre fairly quickly (the flick was Quantum of Solace) I didn’t realize that the soft, black tome had fallen, until about an hour after the film finished, when on the subway back to Brooklyn, I couldn’t find the usual bulge in my back pocket. My first thoughts were to run straight back to the theatre,  but I was already on my way home – it was my brother’s 12th birthday, and I had to get in before sunset (this was a Friday). There was, of course, no trace of the book next week. The $100 reward had no takers.

I got over this after about a week, and began a new journal with an entry much like this one – eulogizing the old one while rambling on about what journal witing means to me. For the next few days, I tried to reconstruct the old journal anew, begining with my first days in Florence. A cool experiment, yes, but one that ultimately failed miserably, since this journal ended up going through the wash ;/ Suffice it to say, I’m not a terribly big fan of Moleskines anymore, at least not the kind that fit in jeans pockets.

So I decided this morning to begin this blog anew. Not with some ridiculous manifesto (good Lord I wish I could speak to the guy who wrote that), but with rambly, sentimental drivel that feels good to share with people….a public journal if you will. If you’ve made it this far, dear reader, without an overpowering need to bite down on those cyanide capsules you keep next to your bed or cock the Glock that’s under your pillow…then bear with me, and read on. I promise, at least, to make things interesting.