ahmadinejad, politician.

While the blogosphere has been erupting, mostly with hope, over the spectre of a more sane person becoming Iranian President, I’m going to attempt to laugh about it a bit (after already having registered my shock at the right’s reaction.) If you’re still among the uninformed, check out Etheridge’s round-up on the topic.

Insane quote #1, proof that machine politics is very much alive (as if we needed any):

“The level of enthusiasm at the Mousavi rally was very, very high. But there were no angry chants. Instead of “Death to America!” the green-clad Mousavi supporters chant: “Death to potatoes!” ridiculing Ahmadinejad’s practice of giving out sacks of potatoes to his poor supporters.” (Robert Dreyfuss reporting, via Etheridge)

Insane quote #2, proof that Godwin’s Law holds water even among prominent Holocaust deniers:

“They applied the methods of (Josef) Goebbels, propaganda minister of Hitler,” Ahmadinejad told thousands of Iranian-flag waving supporters. “They used this method of psychological war against our nation.” (The AP via NYT’s front page)

You’re all very welcome.


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