we are all iranians now.

The potential upending of the Islamic Republic is without doubt the biggest news of the year. Far bigger, in my opinion, than the election of Barack Obama.

And yet…I cannot find a single newschannel right now covering it. Nor can Sullivan. Or Hewitt. Or come to think of it, anyone for that matter! (Well, at least not in the blogosphere. Were I in NY, I would at least have the BBC; Comcast in Deal doesn’t carry it.)

WAKE UP! How long will we keep our heads in the sand? How long will we so complacently digest stories about Miss California nationwide, or politics as usual (the NY Senate crisis) closer to home!?

I am no fan of Hewitt, but he is spot on, as Sullivan points out (and this is a man who gives out an award each year named after Hewitt, for “shrill, intemperate right-wing rhetoric.” The times, they are a-changin’…):

If the Iranian people have the courage of the electorates in Ukraine, Lebanon and Philippines, this could be the week that the three decades of Islamist terror export begins to unravel.  All of western media should be focusing every resource at its disposal on the election fraud and Khamenei’s and Ahmadinejad’s resort to brutal thuggery against the Iranian people.  At Denver’s airport this morning I was amazed that coverage was at a minimum on CNN.  Like the revolutions of 1989 in Europe, the next few days could have enormous consequences for the world for decades to come.

I really don’t know what we can do besides yell at the networks to begin coverage, or try underground stuff on facebook. I will keep y’all (yes, all three of you) informed if I hear anything worthwhile…

I might have another completely unrelated post up tonight. But out of deference to this, I think I’ll delay it till tomorrow…



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