help take down &

The thugs have launched a DoS attack on one of the only websites still reporting (everyone else is working with twitter). In retaliation, we are trying to attack An easy way for y’all to help is to just copy this link into a tab on your browser and letting it run:

If any of you hackers out have enough knowhow to launch a DoS, please consider doing so.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of people in Iran still twittering, sorted by city:

One, Change_for_Iran, is at Tehran University, where the government has unleashed the paramilitary Ansar e-Hizballah group on the students. Many are wounded. Some are dead. Police are blockading the hospitals. Brave citizens are letting their front gates open a crack to let protesters in. Tell your friends and loved ones – because CNN, FOX, MSNBC et al apparently have better things to do. (And don’t tell me, ‘they’ve been shut down’, ‘they can’t get there anyways’. They can at least report on the outcry as best they can from the web. You wouldn’t know there’s a massive, massive resistance and crackdown tuning into mainstream cable.)


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