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they should rename the iPad “eGraphicNovelReader”

OK, not really, but when the iPad was unveiled, the only really compelling reason I could see to buy one – the only thing the iPad stands to do better than netbooks and laptops – is to read digital comics. I already do this with on my ultraportable laptop (which has a bigger screen than the iPad), but the experience is not that nice because of the orientation of the screen and difficult-to-use UI. All of the comics, of course, are torrented and in RAR files, without any sort of metadata or tags to help sort them in the same way Calibre does for my torrented eBooks. So I thought, if the iPad can display comics, I’d probably pick one up once they begin to fall in price (to around what a Kindle costs today).
It looks like the idea occurred to some folks, who cooked up a really insane-looking app, which does everything a comic book app should and more. Youza.
I love being right 🙂