Another small thought on Lorien/hijaz

One small tidbit that I think was in the back of my mind when I wrote my original post, but I don’t think quite made it out. Hijaz, in the liturgy, is associated with mourning, so it’s quite fitting from my perspective that it be used for Lorien, mourning the passage of time and the changes the world outside Lorien has seen, changes that would inevitably engulf them – for good or ill, Lorien is destined to be swept away by a new Dominion, either that of Men or that of the Dark Lord. The maqam seems to return for Gandalf’s lament and more significantly at Haldir’s death, as one of their bravest made the ultimate sacrifice – always more tragic for the immortal elves (not to mention Istari) than Men. Wow. Bravo maestro!


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