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coding tip #1

Due to changes in jQuery 1.4.3, you can no longer call :defaults when loading your js in your Rails 2.3 templates and expect your app to work in Internet Explorer 8, if you are using both jQuery and Prototype. You need to call ‘prototype’ directly and load ‘application.js’ just once, after you’ve loaded every other library. This is the best practice anyway, but now it’s, uh, the required practice. (FU M$…for making me a better coder!? OH NOES I LOSE)
In other news, I have blocked facebook in HOSTS at work, as an experiment.


Coolest email ever!

Hello, Eli Bildirici

I have found your applet here. It is a great applet, and, I see, it is available under GPL v3.

As such, it is fully suitable for, encyclopedia with Java applets, and will be used for this project.

While GPL gives us right to use the program, in case you do not like it to be there, please reply saying so and we remove it.

With respect